My husband and I were at the Ramsey County Fair and saw you and were completely blown away. We did chat briefly and you and the other members were the nicest guys I ever met. My husband is from Scotland and was amazed at your “British” accents. I was surprised that you were all local young men! Anyway, I did go into the website, but could not find out if there is a way to get on a mailing list. And by the way, you all took the time to sign the back of the card showing upcoming gigs and I so appreciated that. We do plan on getting to some more of your upcoming gigs because we had such a great time. As I said before, my Mom and I saw Beatlemania back in the 80’s at The Orpheum Theater in Mpls and those guys couldn’t hold a candle to the performance given by you and the rest of the “lads”. Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for a great evening and please pass this on to the lads. Your photographer, Wayne was nice enough to help Jim and I get an introduction and I will also thank him in an e-mail. May you continue to have the wonderful success you so rightly deserve.

Sincerely, Laura McGinn

JULY 16, 2009

Seen your show at Two Stooges on the 11th, best I’ve seen since the Beatles of 65.I will return to more shows.

APRIL 12, 2009

What more can I are all fabulous!!! I can hardly wait for your next concert!! Dancing and singing with you soon, Jimmy the Tulip           

MARCH 12, 2009


You guys were great on Sat at Famous Dave's!!  I hadn't been out in many years dancing and you got me out of my seat and grooving!  Smiles…

Thanks again for a great night!

MARCH 2, 2009

Saw Rubber Soul in Grand Portage Mn., wow they blew me away. I'll definitely see them again if i get the chance!!! Take care guys… I had an awesome time (just wasn't long enough) Holly

FEB 26, 2009

Happy Christmas Lads!! We enjoyed your show at Throwbacks in Woodbury. You all were amazing and reminded me of the many McCartney & Ringo concerts I have attended.
We will be at your Woodbury show in March. Thanking you giving joy to so many Beatle fans.
John, Paul, George & Ringo would be proud of you –


DEC 23, 2008

I hope you and the the Rubber Soul Beatles team are having a great holiday season. 

It was a blast at the BLUE FOX last weekend. Thanks once again for letting me be a fun part of it. 

Until our musical paths cross again. The Rubber Soul Beatles band is a great addition too the twin cities area.

Tony Tambureeno

DEC, 2008

Hello guys,
Fun-Fun-Fun even though there has not been too much sunshine lately. You all rock! It was a great black Friday @ the Fox. I still smile every time I think of that night.

Yours Truly Mariah

DEC 2008

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for helping to make my dad's 60th birthday fun & special. We really enjoyed your show at Medina. I'm sorry I haven't thank you sooner but life has been rather hectic.
If you have a minute visit & type in steveemery. We have a couple pictures on there of our family enjoying your show.
Thank you again, Jen Bakken


I saw/heard you for the first time at Medina. Never had so much fun.. Thanks
guys!! "George," I loved "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Awesome!

NOV 2008

Ron and I love your shows. Happy Birthday Beatle Mike! Sorry I won't be in
town to celebrate with you at Blue Fox.

OCT 2008

Saw you at Slice of Shoreview - great show also at the Whiskey Junction, will see you at Little Canada Days Saturday night.

AUG 1, 2008

Love you guys. You all know who I am the tallest loud-mouthed chick that attends your gigs. When we going back to Hayward??

JULY 30, 2008


JULY 2008

Loved you at Pathfinders this year!!

JULY 2008

Saw you at Pathfinder Village over the 4th of July weekend. You are GREAT!!!!
The show was ssssooooooooo entertaining. I'm planning to check you out in the Twin Cities.

JULY 7, 2008

Loved your show in Clear Lake & hope to catch it again at Shoreview!

JULY 6, 2008

I just wanted to thank all of you guys for the GREAT SHOW we had a BLAST. We took our brother who is mentally retarded and was in the wheel chair his name is Donnie but my brothers call him SNAKE. Now you remember I bet and thank you for letting us take your picture with him we are going to make a poster size for his wall. We hope to take him to more of your shows, are any of the places you play in as large as the medina or easy for wheelchairs ?? I forgot the yellow card at medina with your dates and places you play, can you e-mail me one please. Thanks
again Joni Zappa and yes if you are wondering about the name Zappa - frank
zappas grandpa and my husbands grandpa were brothers.

MARCH 30, 2008

Enjoy getting out and seeing the band. It's always a great time!

FEB 4, 2008

I just saw you guys last night at Whiskey Junction. I was completely delighted, and I want to tell my Beatles-loving friends about you. I see you have a bunch of shows coming up….

Again, excellent job, and thanks!

FEB 3, 2008

We recently saw the band at The Blue Fox and loved it.  Rocky Raccoon was fabulous – especially the sing-along from the crowd.  We plan to seek out the band again and would love to have you add “Two of Us” to the set list.  We typically come out in a large crowd and all are Beatles fanatics.  Thank you for a great night of entertainment.

JAN 24, 2008

Hey Brian, another great performance of Rubber Soul at the Paramount Theater in Austin Mn!   I even feel that there were more in attendance that night than the first time we saw you perform on New Years Eve in 2005!  My wife and I also enjoyed visiting with all of you prior to the start of the show!   We wish you, Mike, Dwight, Roger, and Dave the very best for 2008 and look forward to much more of Rubber Soul! 

Laddie & Lisa Dosedel    North Mankato, M

JAN 10, 2008

So much talent not from!

JAN 4, 2008

Fantastic show at Britt's Pub on New Year's Eve. When and where is your next event in the Twin Cities?

JAN 2, 2008

What a great show at the paramount theatre in Austin on Saturday night - Truly a great venue for Beatlemania to reoccur for 2 plus hours - we loved the songs,  the vintage equipment and the group's amazing interpretation of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. I doubt there will ever be another phenomenon like the Beatles - for 2 hours we took a brief trip back to our youth when songs could be sung with out a "bleep" to cover the language and where music and lyrics stood on their own and amazingly still do today.

Thanks for the trip back to the cavern club and happier, simpler times....  

Steve and Nancy Helgemoe

DEC 31, 2007

My wife and I saw Rubber Soul at the Blue Fox last night, first timer's, we loved the show! Never got to see the Beatles back in the day, now we can say we have! :)anyways we talked to you after the show, it was good meetin ya, I added ya to my links

Thanks Curtis E & Nina

JUNE 18, 2006