These day's Brian McGuire is better recognized as the Paul in the national Beatles tribute band Rubber Soul.  Long before the Beatles show, Brian was making original music of his own.  Westminster Holiday marks his second cd release, and his first release of original material since being deputized a “Beatle” four years ago.

 “As a kid growing up in the 70’s, I always remember feeling bad about not being born 10 years earlier than my birthday in 1967.  I missed witnessing the greatest period for pop music ever!  I had four older brothers that did experience the 60’s pop explosion.  My earliest memories were the Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” album being played constantly around the house.  The hook was set, to what would become a lifelong passion for catchy melodic pop songs with rich harmonies.  In my new album “Westminster Holiday”, I wear my musical influences on my sleeves proudly.  The two biggest album influences on me are The Beatles Rubber Soul, and Revolver albums.  I wanted very much so to go back to a simpler time in album making. This album is recorded like they did back in the 60’s.

I have had the good fortune of teaming up with Charley Dush of Magnasound in St. Paul.

Charley recorded and mixed the album.  We are two hopeless popmainiacs who share a passion for old school power pop….  I hope you have as much fun getting to know this record, as I did making it…….”

Brian McGuire